Blind Ego | Numb

Blind Ego | Numb

Release 2009

With the second album of RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner the rather prog-savvy musician puts up a gear on top of it: With special guest appearances, such as of Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura), this album is an absolutely must-have for fans of solid, melodic metal. This album is a sensible development since the emotional debut album “Mirror”, a clear snapshot of overwhelming feelings – always straight and rock. The second edition of “Numb” holds a special bonus track a surprise: Kalle Wallner’s song on the limited edition of 999 pieces RPWL album “9” will be the first to hear on a regular album, “Someone Else” fits almost perfectly in the number of the tough but honest Blind Ego songs.

01. Lost
02. Guilt
03. Numb
04. Leave
05. Death
06. Change
07. Seek
08. Risk
09. Torn
10. Vow
11. Change Reprise
12. Someone Else (taken from RPWL – “9”)

Kalle Wallner (guitars, bass, backing vocals, programming)
Paul Wrightson (vocals)
John Jowitt (bass)
Sebastian Harnack (bass)
Michael Schwager (drums)
Iggor Cavalera (drums)
Yogi Lang (backing vocals)

Release 03.04.2009
Media CD GAOM007
Label Gentle Art Of Music
Distribution Soulfood Music