Violet District | Terminal Breath

Violet District | Terminal Breath

1992 | 2010

The first band of guitarist Kalle Wallner from RPWL, recorded and produced by Yogi Lang in 1992. Chris Postl was also part of this project. This is the original analog cut for vinyl with the original track listing from 1992.

This album with its cataloge-No. GAOM001 is the first official release of the label Gentle Art Of Music.

1. Lustreless Fright
2. Ego (The Hiddened One)
3. Hommage To The Irretrievably Lost
4. Assurance
5. Necessary Goodbyes
6. The Age
7. Down And Away

Mischa Schleypen (vocals, keyboards)
Kalle Wallner (guitar)
Giselher Richter (keyboards)
Yogi Lang (keyboards, backing-vocals)
Stephan Ebner (bass)
Chris Postl (bass)
Christian Brenninger (drums)
Christian Krischkowsky (drums)

Re-release 2010
Release 1992
Media LP GAOM001
Label Gentle Art Of Music
Distribution Soulfood Music

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