Blind Ego, Kalle Wallner solo

BLIND EGO, the project of RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner, releases today the new single ‘Blackened’. The song is featured by SUBSIGNAL frontman Arno Menses. “Liquid”, the forthcoming album of the combo, is out from 21st October. Musical support gets Wallner besides Arno by drummer Michael Schwager (ex-DREAMSCAPE), the bass trio Sebastian Harnack (SYLVAN), Ralf Schwager (SUBSIGNAL) and Heiko Jung (PANZERBALLET), as well as Erik Blomkvist and SIMEON SOUL CHARGER Aaron Brooks on vocals. ‘Blackened’ is already available on iTunes, but can also be watched on YouTube.

Wow! Thanks for the great concert with all our fans around the Night of the Prog-Festival! We are really excited about all your positive reactions. This is definitely a great start for the upcoming festivals!

The first festivals of the year in Reichenbach (Artrock Festival IV) and Quebec (Terra Incognita) were indeed really amazing! We’re already looking forward to the next ones, like the Night of the Prog-Festival at Loreley (DE) or the Summer’s End-Festival in Chepstow (UK), and many more: Come in, check out! Under Tour you’ll find all confirmed dates.


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This year we will join some great festivals and will release our live-film „A New Dawn“ which we recorded last October in our hometown followed up by a small tour in Benelux, France and Germany. See you!

DVD Live Recording

Only a few days left until the Live-recording of “A New Dawn”, the extended “Wanted” show in our hometown near Munich. The rehearsals are working out great and more than 60 people on stage are enthusiastic about the show on Saturday, 31st October, 8 pm. Hope to see you there to create together a milestone in the career of RPWL!