RPWL | Tales From Outer Space

Tales From Outer Space

Release 2019

Encounters of the third kind

“There are many stories about visits from extraterrestrials. Sometimes the aliens come as friends, sometimes they come to enslave us. On this cold night, lights in the sky are making people all over the world uneasy…”

The aliens in “A New World” – the first song of the new album Tales From Outer Space by the Bavarian progrockers RPWL – meet the aforementioned band and learn by “laying on their hands” how much suffering and evil caused by humans prevails on earth and immediately leave again, completely shocked.

After eight studio albums, one best-of album and six live albums, the spaceship RPWL penetrates into the infinite vastness of space and when we write the year 2019, more precisely star date 22 March 2019, the disc has landed. With their four-man crew, they have dedicated themselves entirely to science fiction on the new LP. Singer and keyboarder Yogi Lang: “This time it didn’t turn out to be a concept album in the true sense. But there are seven short stories about science fiction. For us it was not only thematically very interesting, but also musically an unbelievable playground, which literally invited us to experiment with sounds and all imaginable musical stylistic devices”.

Thus, “Not Our Place To Be” begins with horror strings and electronic noises and immediately conveys the uncomfortable feeling of entering a strange planet. In contrast to this the following song “What I Really Need”, spreads a positive mood with delay guitars. But the space glider RPWL has not lost contact with earth, especially in this song the lyrics counteract the music and touch upon sensitive subjects, asking critical questions about the current consumer behaviour of mankind.

In general, the music of RPWL can best be assigned to art and progressive rock, but it is always song oriented. And the soft voice of Yogi Lang, which reminds a little of David Gilmour, holds everything together. While the last two albums Wanted and Beyond Man In Time were concept albums, this time there isn’t a coherent story – but science fiction is the common denominator.

Of course, there is always an underlying comparison with Pink Floyd, but the band has also fired it up themselves with the release and performance of the first conceptual live show, Pink Floyd’s The Man And The Journey. And to be compared with the early work of Pink Floyd is certainly not the worst reference, even and especially when Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, David Gilmour) himself performs a song on the bass.

Guitarist Kalle Wallner, who shines especially in “Light Of The World” with his lyrical guitar playing: “After three live albums it was a lot of fun to create our own songs again. I am incredibly proud of the new album and can hardly wait until we can finally present it live on our extensive European tour next April!”

A New World
Welcome To The Freak Show
Light Of The World
Not Our Place To Be
What I Really Need
Give Birth To The Sun
Far Away From Home

Yogi Lang: vocals & keyboards
Kalle Wallner: guitar & bass
Markus Jehle: keyboards
Marc Turiaux: drums

Producer: Yogi Lang
Co-producer: Kalle Wallner

Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, David Gilmour): Bass on „Not Our Place To Be“
(amongst others)

Release 22 March 2019
(4 different colours, 180 g)
CD Digipak GAOM 061 CD
(limited edition)
GAOM 061 Box
Label Gentle Art Of Music
Distribution Soulfood

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