Trying To Kiss The Sun

Trying to kiss the sun

Release 2002

With their debut CD in September 2000 “God has Failed”, RPWL was greeted on all sides with great enthusiasm and has become an appreciated part of the progressive/symphonic rock scene. Without a question, the music of their second album “Trying to kiss the sun” is still typically “RPWL” but with a well-thought out collage of sound and tone, haunting melodies and poetic texts that get under the skin and are not easily forgotten, together with a Brit-pop rock mood, RPWL has made significant steps towards their own style of music with this second album. Whether enjoyed live or on CD, the songs sometimes sound a little raw but in that they have a very sensitive and personal tone, are not only a pleasure to listen to but at times can raise the hair on your head! The Tour for 2002 was already backed-up by a unique Quadrophonic-System, so every live concert became a very special experience all over europe including the USA.

01. Trying To Kiss The Sun
02. Waiting For A Smile
03. I Don’t Know (What It’s Like)
04. Sugar For The Ape
05. Side By Side
06. You
07. Tell Me Why
08. Believe Me
09. Sunday Morning
10. Home Again

Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards)
Kalle Wallner (guitars)
Philipp Rissettio (drums)
Chris Postl (bass)

Reissue 01.01.2013
Release 16.07.2002
Media CD GAOM014
Label Gentle Art Of Music
Distribution Soulfood Music

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